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On the surface, LimeLife by Alcone looks like “just another direct sales company”, but it’s not going to take you long to realize we’ve rewritten the book on direct sales. It starts with regional training opportunities that will quite literally change your life.

Living the #LimeLife is about a lot more than selling the world’s best makeup and skin care. Our CEO, Michele Gay realized early on that LimeLifers thrive, sell more, recruit more, and enjoy their overall experience more when the focus is less on sales and more on work/life balance. At our regional trainings you’re not going to have sales tactics and minimum sales requirements crammed down your throat. We’re not going to show you how everyone else has found success with this company.

At our regional trainings we start with you. We define YOUR inspired life and give you a road map to reach your goals. The focus of our trainings will not only inspire you and fill you full of ideas to find success, but will also connect you with like minded beauty guides to connect and collaborate with.

Regional training opportunities are designed to focus your mindset, give you permission to run your business your way, and help you find the balance that every entrepreneur seeks. At LimeLife, we have your back, because YOU are the backbone to our organization.

Not a beauty guide yet? Join us at a Happiest Hour event near you, soon. Click here to see where we will be next.